NFT Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions govern your use of the photography, video or materials (the “Artwork”) linked to any official Non-fungible token (NFT) made available by Peter Adams, his authorized agents, marketplaces or minting platforms.

To be clear, when you acquire one of our NFT, you own the underlying NFT completely.  This means that you have the right to sell it, or give it away, etc. 

As long as you are the on-chain owner of the NFT you have the right to use the Artwork in the following ways:

  1. For your own personal non-commercial use.
  2. On marketplaces that permit the on-chain sale of NFTs.
  3. As part of any website or application that displays NFTs provided that the website or application regularly verifies that you are the owner of the NFT and ceases to display it when you are no longer the owner.

For the avoidance of doubt, owning the NFT does not give you any copyright, licenses, or rights to the Artwork other than those specified here.

Specifically, you do not have the right to reproduce, distribute or commercialize the Artwork in any medium. Nor do you have the right to modify the Artwork or use it in conjunction with any advertising, marketing, editorial, or commercial venture without prior approval.

Also, under no circumstances may you use the Artwork to disparage, impersonate, or in any way that depicts, hatred, violence, intimidation, or cruelty towards others.

Again, any rights outlined above only apply as long as you own the NFT. All rights to use the Artwork conveyed above expire as soon as you sell or otherwise dispose of the NFT.