Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

Shopping the Farmers Market by Peter Adams.

Shoppers pick through the fruits and vegetables at a local farmers market.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been trolling local farmers markets searching for fruits and vegetables – yes, I know there are crates of the stuff to be found at such places – but, in particular, I was on the hunt for cool details and patterns for a series of photos that would showcase the beauty of food grown by local farmers.

Silicon Valley is blessed with year round access to local organic farms that bring their gorgeous, fresh veggies to markets up and down the peninsula nearly every day of the week. I don’t think that local farmers don’t get the press they deserve for the work that goes into growing, harvesting, and marketing organic produce. These photos are my way of helping to encourage more people shop for their food locally.

As for the photos, I had my best luck photographing the Palo Alto and Mountain View markets. For me, the key to shooting at farmers markets is to be respectful. That means you can’t roll in with a bunch of lights or block people from shopping while you setup and take your shot. I stay mobile and try to be quick by shooting handheld in natural light. I find cloudy days to be the best, as there are less people to contend with and generally better (softer) light. Also, it helps when farmers set up tents made of  thin white tarp material. Those tents are like giant soft boxes diffusing the harsh sun overhead. This creates a nice, even spread of light for photographing produce.

Here are the photos: