A special project in celebration of the 20th Anniversary of The Apache Software Foundation (ASF).

Growing from a single focus to build a better web server, to now more than 300 projects and initiatives, the ASF is the world’s largest Open Source foundation. The collective efforts of 765 individual Members and 7,000+ Committers steward 200+ Million lines of code, and provides $20B+ worth of software for the public good at 100% no cost.

The ASF’s unofficial tagline, “Community Over Code”, underscores that a healthy community is far more important than just creating great code. This focus on community health has been a cornerstone of “The Apache Way” of community-led software development that has produced some of the world’s most important pieces of software over its twenty year history.

To celebrate these guiding principles, volunteers from select Apache Program Managment Commitees (PMCs) were photographed as groups (“Community over Code”) and then as individuals with their Project’s source code projected onto them (“Code over Community”).

The photographs were made September 2019 in Las Vegas during ApacheCon — the official global conference series of the ASF.