My first hands-on exposure to photography was a photo class in high school. It wasn’t long after that I had a key to the dark room and a camera with me everywhere I went. A few years later, I became a teaching assistant at the International Center of Photography (ICP) in New York City. This is where I saw my first Ansel Adams (no relation) exhibit. I was mesmerized by the depth and clarity of his images. From that moment on I strived to create the same dimension and clarity in my images and prints. I’ve been trying ever since.

Today I’m based in Silicon Valley or “Startup Land” as I like to call it. My work ranges from portraiture to landscapes. I also have a dedicated photo blog called where I post photos chronicling life and events here in Silicon Valley.

Fine Art Prints

You can order fine art prints of most images on this site by clicking through to the detail page for each photo. Learn more about my prints and their prices here.

Stock Usage / Licensing

All images posted this site (as well as those featured on can be licensed for use in print, online or otherwise. Please contact me with the usage rights that you’re interested in obtaining and I’ll provide you with a quote. My photos may not be used in any way without prior written agreement.

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